Celtic Ties, a Lizzy O'Malley Mystery Aunt Thelma's last request dispatches Lizzy O'Malley to Ireland to track down a family legacy. A mysterious stranger plants an antique rosary in her luggage and she finds herself tangled up in the age-old troubles between Catholics and Protestants. Unsure on which side of the conflict her heritage places her, Lizzy must again dodge bullets, explosions, and speeding cars to survive.
Cover for Celtic Ties, a Lizzy O'Malley Mystery by Kelly Running
Cover for Medicine Wheel, a Lizzy O'Malley Mystery by Kelly Running
Medicine Wheel A murder interrupts Lizzy O'Malley's work as stage manager for her brother's Shakespeare company in Sedona, Arizona. Her efforts to clear her brother's name lead her on an odyssey of Navajo visions, sweat lodges, medicine wheels, and mysticism. The journey promises to waken her latent psychic abilities if she survives numerous attempts on her life and figures out who wants her dead.
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